The genomic era has seen a massive explosion in the amount of biological information due to huge advances in the fields of molecular biology and genomics. Bioinformatics is generally referred to as the application of computer technology to the processing and managing the data generated in biological experiments. The term bioinformatics was originally coined for the application of information technology to large volumes of biological, particularly, genomic data. The field of bioinformatics has come to be intermingled with traditional computational biology and biostatistics, which are strictly concerned not only with how to handle the information itself, but rather how to extract biological meaning from it. This new knowledge could have profound impacts on different fields, such as human health, agriculture, environment, energy and biotechnology to know the regulatory sequences and protein coding. It is a very important part of the human genome project as it determines the regulatory sequences.

Complete sequencing of human genes has enabled the scientists to make medicines and drugs which can target more than 500 genes. Different computational tools and drug targets has made the drug delivery easy and specific because now only those cells can be targeted which are diseased or mutated. It is also easy to know the molecular basis of a disease. Bioinformatics is fast emerging as the one-stop solution to store, manage, retrieve, organize, compare, and integrate the data all in a single computer. By using databases, tools, algorithms, and interfaces, bioinformatics is proving to be both a cost and time saving solution for handling complex biological information. Moreover, the increasing demand for automation and high throughput screening to study multiple genes and proteins simultaneously opens up additional opportunities for bioinformatics

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